Redbird Challenge Camp 

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (Guangzhou) 

I was happy to join the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (Guangzhou) Redbird Challenge Camp in July 2022. I got to know the university in-depth, and I got to interact with young people from all walks of life and learn from each other as we discussed exciting topics such as the spirit of innovation and multicultural exchange in a global context. I cared about the lives of people in impoverished areas, and we designed a technological solution for remote nucleic acid sampling based on 5G communication, trying to bring technology to these impoverished areas to make it easier for the people here to complete their sampling and feel the warmth of technology.

Fosun International, Forte Group Co., LTD

It is interesting that in 2021, I found an internship in the Project Management Department of Fosun Property during my summer holiday in Chengdu. I was an assistant engineer and was responsible for monitoring the construction quality and controlling the construction progress together with the Supervision Unit. During my internship, I learned the whole process of construction, such as installation of structural templates, pouring of concrete, masonry construction, preparation for the completion of some buildings and so on. I not only understood innovative technologies but also experienced the mature management and operating system of a top property development company. The abstract knowledge turned into concrete cases through the designed blueprints and process of construction, from which I came to know that as a Civil Engineer, I should be familiar with various construction on sites. Moreover, excellent abilities of communication and coordination are also indispensable.

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